Bridge of Lies

Bridge of Lies by Misha Herwin

The second adventure of Letty Parker

Letty Parker & Associates Detective Agency is finally in business. But before they can take on their first case, Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s famous suspension bridge is blown up. Letty decides to investigate but getting hired is not as easy as she thought, especially when the Dark Ones have their own plans for her.

Then there is Ma Pountney and her witches, plus the Bear and his gang of villains, each determined to stand in Letty’s way. Nothing goes right from the very start and one by one Letty’s friends desert her. Even in a city, crowded with folk arriving for the Balloon Festival, Letty finds herself alone.

Letty’s first adventure, City of Secrets, is also available from Penkhull Press

Bridge of Lies will be available in print and eBook formats from May 2019