Listed Dead Publication Date – 6th August 2020

listed-deadListed Dead, the third of the Bunch Courtney Investigations by Jan Edwards, will be launched on 6th August 2020!  Available in paper and digital formats from all good booksellers.

“Claude Naysmith’s fatal car crash occurs on the borders of the Perringham Estate and Bunch Courtney can hardly avoid being drawn into events. When the body of Penelope James is found just a few miles away, clutching a list of names that includes both herself and Naysmith, Bunch and Wright are left wondering. Could this be a hit list? Is it sheer coincidence? Since neither Bunch nor DCI Wright believe in coincidences they must throw their combined efforts into the investigation before any more of those names wind up on the mortuary slab.”


Belvedere Crescent by Misha M. Herwin : Available 28th February 2020

Belvedere Crescent – Misha M. Herwin

Publication date 28th February 2020

Available in both Paper, Kindle and other eFormats

“Abandoned as babies, twins Sadie and Thea have been brought up by Great-Aunt Jane. When Aunt Jane dies they inherit her house in Belvedere Crescent. The only home they have ever known, it is a place where time slips and slides, and what once might have seemed safe is revealed to be full of dark secrets and hidden dangers.”

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Hungry Writer Celebrates!

Today is publication day for Bridge of Lies : The Second Adventure of Letty Parker from our very own Misha Herwin!

Misha Herwin


Today is publication day for “Bridge of Lies” the second book in the series of the Adventures of Letty Parker.

Letty’s detective agency is up and running but before she and her associates can start on their first case, the suspension bridge Isambard Kingdom Brunel is building across the Clifton Gorge is blown up. Keen to investigate Letty is hampered by the Dark Ones and their sinister plans for her. And then there is Mother Pountney and her witches…

From the very beginning nothing goes right until finally, deserted by her friends, Letty is left to face the greatest danger alone.

Letty’s adventures are fast moving and exciting and it’s been great writing about them. I’ve been lost in her world, where Bristol is a city both familiar and strange, where dragons and gargoyles gather on the roofs after dark to gossip about the dark deeds unfolding in the streets…

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In Her Defence

The next in the Bunch Courtney Investigates series is due very soon and will be available from Amazon and other online dealers. Maybe you could also order it at a bricks-and-mortar bookshop. Anyway, the book will be launched at Hanley Library on Saturday 6th April. In Her Defence by Jan Edwards is the follow-up to the Arnold Bennett Prize-winning Winter Downs (also available from Penkhull Press).


Bridge of Lies

Coming your way in May: the second adventure of Letty Parker

Bridge of Lies by Misha Herwin

Letty Parker & Associates Detective Agency is finally in business. But before they can take on their first case, Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s famous suspension bridge is blown up. Letty decides to investigate but getting hired is not as easy as she thought, especially when the Dark Ones have their own plans for her.

Then there is Ma Pountney and her witches, plus the Bear and his gang of villains, each determined to stand in Letty’s way. Nothing goes right from the very start and one by one Letty’s friends desert her. Even in a city, crowded with folk arriving for the Balloon Festival, Letty finds herself alone.

Bridge of Lies will be available in print and eBook formats.


In Her Defence

The second in the Bunch Courtney investigates series, In Her Defence by Jan Edwards, is due early April this year.

Bunch Courtney’s hopes for a quiet market-day lunch with her sister are shattered when a Dutch refugee dies a horribly painful death before their eyes. A few days later Bunch receives a letter from her old friend Cecile saying that her father, Professor Benoir, has been murdered in an eerily similar fashion. Two deaths by poisoning in a single week. Co-incidence? Bunch does not believe that any more than Chief Inspector William Wright.

Set against a backdrop of escalating war and the massed internments of 1940, the pair are drawn together in a race to prevent the murderer from striking again.

The first volume, Winter Downs, won the 2018 Arnold Bennett Book Prize and is available in various formats.



Horror story anthology

Penkhull Press writer Jan Edwards has teamed up with Peter Coleborn to edit The Alchemy Press Book of Horrors.

Twenty-five tales of horror and the weird, stories that encapsulate the dark, the desolate and the downright creepy. Stories that will send that quiver of anticipation and dread down your spine and stay with you long after the lights have gone out.

Who is Len Binn, a comedian or…? What secrets are locked away in Le Trénébreuse? The deadline for what? Who are the little people, the garbage men, the peelers? What lies behind the masks? And what horrors are found down along the backroads?

The Alchemy Press Book of Horrors is officially published on 1st November 2018.