The Further Adventures now available

The Further Adventures of Poppy and Amelia continues the story of Poppy, Amelia, Mia and all her friends….

Poppy and Amelia were looking forward to the new term until the mysterious Bayonica Duvane joins class 7C. Then strange events start happening to their classmates and Poppy and Amelia are blamed even though the apprentice witches know exactly who is behind it all. Who is Bayonica Duvane? Why is she so determined to cause trouble for Poppy and Amelia and their vampire friend Mia? And most importantly of all – how can they stop her?

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The Further Adventures of Poppy and Amelia is available from Amazon and other online websites.

The Hanging Tree

Now available: the 4th Letty Parker Adventure

The Hanging Tree by Misha Herwin

The power of the Dark Ones is growing once more. Watching from their rooftop perches, the gargoyles and dragons have all the gossip they could ever want. Deadly night eels slither through the city streets. The thief taker is on the prowl. And Jebediah Hill is arrested for a crime he did not commit. Letty discovers that Jeb, her oldest friend, has been keeping secrets, yet refuses to reveal them even though he knows he will pay a terrible price. Letty Parker and Associates set out on a race to save Jeb from The Hanging Tree.

And time is running out…

Freecycling for Beginners

The time has come for Jane to sell the family home. Downsizing to a flat means everything must go, but her late husband’s favourite chair is far too precious for the tip.

Meanwhile Robyn, balancing her precarious career as a portrait artist with raising an autistic son, is searching for a chair with panache that will allow her sitters to pose in comfort.

Elsewhere in the city Tracey is clearing out her wardrobe at the same moment that divorced and cash-strapped Debbie is frantically seeking a prom dress for her daughter.

None of these women have ever met until Freecycle brings them together and their lives are about to be changed in ways they could never have imagined.

Freecycling for Beginners by Misha M Herwin is on its way.

A Bunch of Books

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Bunch Courtney Investigation Christmas Offer!

Signed paperbacks of the award winning WW2 crime series.

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Awesome Adventures now available

The Awesome Adventures of Poppy and Amelia would never have happened if it hadn’t been for lockdown.

In those first couple of months, like so many writers, I found working on my current book very slow going.  A day’s work felt like ploughing through porridge. Very little got done and what I did write had somehow lost its flow.

The impetus to write had also faded and most days I found it almost impossible to get going. Nothing much seemed to matter. While other people re-decorated, caught up with DIY or re-modelled their gardens I let the time slip past.

Except for my four times a week Skype lessons with granddaughter Maddy.

Read more of Misha’s article on her blog, here.

The Awesome Adventures of Poppy and Amelia is available from Amazon and other online websites.

Coming Soon! Island of Fear!

Coming Soon! Island of Fear: Book 3 in Misha Herwin’s fabulous Letty Parker series!

But while you are waiting to get your copy of Island of Fear why not take a look at the fab intro on youtube to see what’s in store!

“When Letty Parker is asked by her best friend, Hepzibah, to solve a family mystery she willingly agrees. She has no idea that investigations will lead the Letty Parker & Associates Detective Agency team across the high seas to the exotic isles of the Caribbean.”


Listed Dead Publication Date – 6th August 2020

listed-deadListed Dead, the third of the Bunch Courtney Investigations by Jan Edwards, will be launched on 6th August 2020!  Available in paper and digital formats from all good booksellers.

“Claude Naysmith’s fatal car crash occurs on the borders of the Perringham Estate and Bunch Courtney can hardly avoid being drawn into events. When the body of Penelope James is found just a few miles away, clutching a list of names that includes both herself and Naysmith, Bunch and Wright are left wondering. Could this be a hit list? Is it sheer coincidence? Since neither Bunch nor DCI Wright believe in coincidences they must throw their combined efforts into the investigation before any more of those names wind up on the mortuary slab.”