The Penkhull Press

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By Peter Coleborn (chief editor):

We’ve never understood the rationale behind focusing purely on a single genre to the exclusion of all others. Sure, it might make marketing a little easier, but if it means turning our backs on that elusive work of genius then we think it’s well worth working that much harder. So you’ll see quite a spread among our authors, from children’s adventure to satirical fantasy, from historical fiction to demonic crime.

But they all have one important thing in common: they’re bloody good.

And that’s the only genre we’re interested in. Bandwagons don’t hold much stimulation for us, so don’t look for us rushing to catch the wave just because the fifty shades of vampire wizarding school field has just become hugely popular. We believe there’s a place for a genre-independent publisher who can be relied on for quality literature.

It may mean that we miss the trends, but we’d rather grow slowly and continue to be proud of what we publish.


Besides Penkhull Press, Peter Coleborn runs The award-winning Alchemy Press, organises the Renegade Writers Group and takes photos.