The First Book of Gabriel

gabriel cover front b


“Some very kind people (although they may be in serious need of psychiatric help) have described The First Book of Gabriel as being effortlessly funny. So then, how best to describe Gabriel? Explaining it to his mother the author struggled to find the right words and eventually resorted to the catch-all phrase: ‘it’s satire’. And with characters named Gabriel, Michael, Peter, Jershemal, Samael and a Beelzebub, she offered him the use of her Bible. For research. But no, Gabriel does not satirise religion at all. There are far better targets than that! It sends up, amongst other things (and in no particular order): the EU, regulations, bureaucracy, architects, engineers, builders, management consultants, politics, economics, anthropology, archaeology, banking, finance, debt, public-private partnerships, competitive tendering, property/real estate, urbanisation, spin doctors, belief systems and even the whole concept of modern civilisation itself. Written in the author’s inimitable style, it is full of wit and warmth. Nevertheless, it will surely appeal to fans of Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams. And if it doesn’t, he’ll pass your name on to Lucifer for retribution (yes, he’s in it too – well, in a way).”